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Welcome to the beautiful beach towns of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais on the southern Nicoya Peninsula in tropical Costa Rica. Surrounded by lush jungles and the crystal clear Pacific Ocean, you have arrived in paradise. Voted by Forbes magazine to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Santa Teresa has also grown into one of the areas hot spots for delectable cusines, yoga retreats, international surfing, and a a long list of tropical adventures for all age groups and interests.

Designed for small groups, we create a safe space to heal and explore the mysteries of the universe including shamanic journeying and soul retrieval. These trips are for self healing and self empowerment; are experiential and often initiatory. As well as fun and adventurous as we connect to Pacha Mama. Join us on for a sojourn into your soul, it may change your life.


Join our International Master Percussionists for exciting
African Drumming at Costa Beat's Esquela de Tambor.

Our week long Funshops are designed for all levels of experience. Learn traditional ritual and ceremonial rhythms, as well as ancient songs and chants of West Africa and its Diaspora. Work on your repertoire, practice your techniques & solo's. Private sessions also available. All hand drums and African organic instruments welcome.

Recapture the Wild Woman fighting for release from a lifetime of domestication and patriarchal rules. Be guided by Yemaja’s call to heal and rejuvenate the empowered feminine. Cast off your chains of routine for initiation into your true identity. Reclaim your power and restore your authentic goddess beauty Self, as we learn how to balance and harness our strengths with purpose and intent. We are the embodiment of mother nature in all its wrath and fury, as well as womb, nurturer and care giver. Be all you came to be-the Sacred Feminine; Goddess, Priestess, Lover, Mother, Sister, Wife, Healer, Muse, Artist...Wild Woman.


Need a tune up? On your own, or with a partner or friends, go at your own pace with optional activities designed for your specific needs. Relax in natural tide pools, eat according to nature’s bounty, cleanse your body and spirit from the clutter of chemicals, toxins and excess. Enjoy a daily massage by the soothing waves of the ocean, have a facial or two. Take a yoga class in the morning overlooking the blue/green Pacific and a movement class at sunset. I offer optional meditations, visualizations and guidance from your own spirit guides. Or leave you to read, swing on a hammock, walk a deserted beach, enjoy a sunset and just take a relaxing break from the world of tic tock. All you need to do is show up. It may save your sanity, if not your life.

Our group trips are small in size to offer you an intimate and intensified experience. Our schedules provide for daily classes, group adventures as well as free time to explore the international surf/beach town of Santa Teresa and surrounding areas for an array of optional activities.

*beach and ocean fun *surf schools *yoga and massage *dance and hooping *jungle tours *fishing and boating *horseback riding *spanish lessons *international cuisine *shopping and sightseeing

Rosemarie Ceraso

USA: 631-827-5277
CR: 506-2-6400501

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