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Greetings to all...
and welcome to Costa Beat’s new website. Integrating Earth Beat’s African drum and dance events; Earth Spirit’s Shamanic healing and teachings;
Adventure & Spa Retreats; Paradise Villas real estate page;
and Vibrations blog for news and upcoming events.


...continues to facilitate personal healing, self empowerment, and cultural unity through the music, art, ceremonies and ancient traditions of indigenous cultures and tribal communities throughout our all embracing Pacha Mama.

Together we can expand our consciousness, tap our inner fire and soar beyond earthly entrapments and limitations. There are no boundaries. As we intertwine with each other through natural rhythms and creative expressions, the Beat continues to grow.

One Tribe, One Heart, One Love

Rosemarie Ceraso

USA: 631-827-5277
CR: 506-2-640-0501